Backmagic Video Hub API

A ruby abstraction library to give a REST API web service for controlling a Blackmagic Video Router. It utilises the existing blackmagic driver and communicates over the IP interface supplied with it using the published wire protocol. It will eventually allow timed switches with an ability to account for switching delays in the processing of the commands.

Python EDL Library

A python library for reading EDL (Edit Decision List) files used in video editing software for exchanging timelines. It's a python port of an existing open source EDL library written in ruby. Tested on 25 and 24 frame per second footage, would value feedback on 29.97 NDF, 29.97 DF and 23.98. Available in pip and can be installed by pip install edl.


A wrapper around the ffmpeg ffprobe command. It extracts the stream details from a media file describing frame size, codec, framerate etc. If the ffprobe command exists in the path it should work on any platform, Windows, Linux or OS X. Available in pip and can be installed by pip install ffprobe.

Timecode Transmitter

A device/embedded system that reads the meta-data from the SDI feed from a camera, including stereo pair of cameras. The meta-data can include the timecode, roll number, filename being recorded and a whole set of other information depending on the source camera. The system then transmits the information over ZigBee, Bluetooth and Wifi so it can be picked up by bespoke systems, laptops tablets and mobile devices on set.